Saturday, September 16, 2006

Matt Cutts SEO tips

I don't know if these SEO tips by Matt Cutts are good since I haven't read them yet. Posting them here though so I can find them again.

Google Browser Sync is very convenient, but it's led to a bookmarks list that is so long I'm just never going to go back to any of those links, probably :-).

Friday, September 08, 2006

catching up

I've spent some time working on requirements for immigration to New Zealand, and I got sick in the process (1.5 days off from work this week, recovering from fever, head cold and coughing, the last being a bit of a lifesaver, strangely enough). And work has been pretty intense too, when I was able to go.

Now I need to catch up. For one thing, my RSS feed reader tells me that I've missed *5* days of The Daily WTF. I'm not going to read everything since it's sol's birthday tomorrow. But I've certainly got to catch up with the WTF's of the week :-).

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Gamer's Manifesto

I'm not really a gamer, but I had to point at A Gamer's manifesto (partly, so I'm reminded), because it's so funny. In the same vein, there are Weird Laws of the United States, which is funny but in whose veracity I don't have any data or confidence in. And there's also Schadenfreuidian slips which is just plain fun :-).