Thursday, August 07, 2014

jmeter simple data writer configuration

Note to myself: for when using a simple data writer:

Minimal writer configuration.  Saves headers, URL, but not page content.

  1.  Save as XML
  2. Save Response Headers (XML)
  3. Save Response Code
  4. Save Label
  5. Save Success
  6. Save Time Stamp
  7. Save Request Headers (XML)
  8. Save Data Type
  9. Save Latency
  10. Save Thread Name
  11. Save URL
  12. Save Active Thread Counts
  13. Save Idle Time
  14. Save Assertion Failure Message
  15. Save Assertion Results (XML)
  16. Save Response Message
  17. Save Sub Results (XML) [but not their content]
  18. Save Elapsed Time
  19. Save byte count
  20. Save Sample and error counts
If the page content is needed, add "Save Sampler Data (XML)"