Thursday, November 27, 2014

vagrant+puppet+facter fqdn fix

A fix to the occasional vagrant puppet facter problem with facter not being able to find the fqdn

I don't get this all the time (e.g., I don't need this fix on my dev machine at work), but on my home laptops I always got "default: warning: Could not retrieve fact fqdn"

A point in the link above fixes this and now I'm able to build my vagrant dev environments at home.

in the Vagrantfile, set config.vm.hostname to the fqdn.  Previously, config.vm.hostname was just the bare hostname.  I think the issue here was that at work the domains for the VMs was the same as the domain of my host.  It may, therefore, have grabbed the domain name from the host and applied that to the VMs.

At home, of course, my domain isn't the same as at the office, so the building of the fqdn from the bare hostname and host's domain didn't work.

Or that may just be a rationalization :-).  In any case, it fixed my fqdn issue.