Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I often work with kannel logs and always get a severe headache when working with bearerbox logs.

I'll need this project in future, when I need to work with bearerbox logs again.

It reads a bearerbox log file, organizes the entries by the third field in the log file (I should read the kannel source so I'll know what that field is called, I just call it the key :-).  It then finds the PDUs in the per_key array (untangled already), and writes out the PDUs in order.

PDUs are written out with newlines before and after so they're much easier to read.

I'll also add a filter program later that will remove PDU types we don't need (generally enquire_link/enquire_link_resp, but possibly also bind_receiver* and bind_transmitter* PDUs, maybe some others).