Friday, September 24, 2010 -- sucking is seriously sucking for me right now. It's not a yahoo-wide problem. It affects me and maybe some small percentage of other yahoo users.

I can log in to signing in to doesn't work. After the login, I get redirected back to the yahoo site but I'm still not logged in.

Pidgin can't auth to yahoo when I'm connecting from New Zealand. However, if I use a socks proxy in the Philippines, I *can* login to pidgin.

I thought maybe the email reading issue were an NZ issue. It isn't though. Via the socks proxy in the Philippines I connected to and modified my setup so that I wouldn't be auto-redirected to the NZ yahoo pages. that works when I'm connected via proxy (I see the US yahoo page). However when I browse to yahoo from NZ, I still get redirected to Xtra. That's a stupidity (although I think not on Xtra's side, it's a yahoo bogosity).

When I read my email via the socks proxy, the URL indicates that I'm going to a U.S. server, but I receive the same (well, very similar) error message:

"Sorry for the inconvenience.
You've stumbled upon an unexpected, temporary problem. Performing your action again in a few moments will likely resolve the problem completely. If not, we suggest you try re-launching Yahoo! Mail.
If the problem persists, feel free to contact Customer Care about Error Code 1.

The Yahoo! Mail Team".

The only difference I can see between that and the error message when I surf from new zealand (no socks proxy) is that the NZ page says "the Yahoo!Xtra Mail team".

So it's a yahoo issue, not an NZ issue.

I realized, after seeing that error often enough that gmail was pulling yahoo email and that I had changed my yahoo password recently. I changed gmail's yahoo password but yahoo is still whining. I'm guessing that yahoo got confused because there were so many bad password logins from gmail (and from a continent different from what I had told yahoo was my location). I do wonder though how that is supposed to get resolved. Will the error clear itself out eventually? Will it clear itself out before I completely give up on yahoo (abandoning friends who only know my yahoo address and whom I can't ask to change their addresses for me since, well, I can't get into my contacts list either).


Monday, September 13, 2010

Selenium RC with generated PHP tests

  1. If you don't have it already, sudo apt-get install phpunit
  2. start the selenium server (at minimum: java -jar selenium-server)
  3. Generate the PHP testcase from the IDE.
  4. rename the class from Example to whatever you're testing.
  5. rename the file to be the same as the classname plus .php
  6. In the class, add a __construct() which calls $this->setUp() and $this->start()
  7. After the class is defined, instantiate the class and call its testcase method.

There may be syntax errors. The code generation is not perfect. Fix those.