Wednesday, June 13, 2012

mDesktop is a winner!

As I mentioned in the preceding post on disabling windows screen flipping, I'm working on a Windows 7 machine at a client site for a few months. I've half heartedly looked for multi-workspace software for Windows. Must be free as in beer (since this isn't *my* computer and it's not important enough to get the company to pay for the software). mDesktop does a great job. I'd love to have some customization features, but it works great as-is.

Disable Windows screen flip

I'm working at a client site for a few months and they use Windows computers there. For a while I'd get confused because when I'd type Ctrl-Alt-Left or Ctrl-Alt-Right, the display would flip to portrait (with the "top" at the left or the right depending on which key combination I'd typed). It turns out this is easy to fix (well, on *this* machine, exactly where it needs to be fixed may depend on video card/driver). And the path to fix it varies too depending on version of Windows. For Windows 7 and for this Intel Q45/Q43 Express chipset: Control Panel > All ControlPanelItems > Display > Change display settings > Advanced Settings Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver > Graphics Properties > Display Settings uncheck "Enable Rotation" > Apply and accept the change.