Saturday, May 16, 2009

Switching to xfce4 on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty)

I've been using Ubuntu (Gnome) since Dapper Drake. I've liked it and didn't see the need to switch to anything else. I did take a look at KDE (didn't like it) and xfce (didn't like it then either). It's been a few years though, and xfce is now sufficiently like Gnome (except thinner), that I have now switched over to xfce completely.

I would probably still use Gnome except my work is in java lately, and with tomcat, eclipse, firefox, firebug and selenium, I'm finding that 2GB of RAM isn't enough. I can't upgrade my laptops (they all max out at 2GB, I'd need to buy new laptops to use 4GB or more). So I'm doing everything I can to retrieve memory from fat apps.

No doubt there are more ways to save memory. Maybe opera and selenium-server. For now though, xfce is definitely usable. It's growing on me and I expect that I'll like it more than I like Gnome in just a week or two :-).

Friday, May 01, 2009

xfce4 on vnc

I'm liking xfce4 on Ubuntu. I'd looked at xfce before and not been too impressed. It was pretty good, but not good or easy enough to use. So I'd stayed with gnome.

For slow machines, I've used either fvwm or icewm. There are other lightweight window managers, but I liked those two.

At work, I use gnome on my primary desktop (but I may change that to xfce4, actually), and icewm on another desktop on which I have a vnc server. I run eclipse and tomcat on my primary desktop, and browsers, IRC and mail clients on the remote desktop.

I think I'm about ready to switch to xfce, actually. I tested that out on my laptop running gnome, with vnc running xfce. I had some minor problems getting xfce working under VNC until I saw a post on "xfce4 on vnc" on ubuntuforums.

Tried it out. It works on the laptop (both primary and vncserver running on the same box. That should be perfect for work.

startxfce4 &

Not jaunty yet at work

I had planned to upgrade my work desktop to Jaunty today. But that's now pushed back to Monday. I forgot to bring a laptop to work, so I wouldn't be able to work if something went wrogn with the upgrade (and I prefer to work on a laptop anyway while the upgrade is running to avoid any instability the upgrade might cause).

Was in such a rush to get Timmy ready for school, and take care of John while Sol brought Timmy to school, that I didn't have time to pack up the laptop.

Naturally, the bus was then late and I would have been able to pack *two* laptops if I'd wanted to :-).